デターズ・アノニマスは1968年に始まりました。回復しつつあるアルコホーリクス・アノニマスのメンバーが中心となって、彼らが金銭に関して経験した問題を話し合うために最初のミーティングを開催したのです。彼らは自分たちのことを、最初は「けちん坊仲間(Penny Pinchers)」 と呼び、その後「資本蓄積者(Capital Builders)」と呼んでいました。






History of Debtors Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous started in 1968 when a core group of recovering members from Alcoholics

Anonymous held their first meeting to discuss the problems they were experiencing with money. They first called themselves the "Penny Pinchers" and later "Capital Builders".

The members of this group made daily deposits of their funds into savings accounts because they believed that their financial problems stemmed from an inability to save money. As days and months passed, the group's members began to understand that their monetary problems did not stem from an inability to save, but rather from the inability to become solvent.

By 1971, the essence of the D.A. Program unfolded in the discovery and understanding that the act of debting itself was the threshold of this disease, and the only solution was to use the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

After two years, the group of recovering A.A. members disbanded. Meetings came and went. D.A. re-emerged in 1976 when two or three people began meeting on Wednesday evenings at St. Stephen's Rectory in New York. Within the year, a second meeting was organized, and Debtors Anonymous was reborn. Today (2011), there are over 500 meetings throughout the United States and in 15 other countries throughout the world.